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Robes are custom made to order and will be delivered between 6 - 8 weeks


This marvellously designed robe, comes as a one-piece. Accompanied with a boned glittered corset, that pleasantly contours the torso. 

The accentuating deep cleavage design, matched with the off shoulder puff sleeves helps emit the regal feeling. The front slit provide easy mobility whilst gracefully gliding the robes extra long ruffled train enabling you to strut your stuff . 


This robe exudes the true meaning of its name; beautiful flower. Floral lace seen throughout the garment all the way down to the long train. Created to enhance your majestic aura with puffed mesh forearm and backless features. A lavish front opening delicately showing your womanly curves. Designed with vast inspiration, this robe fulfils the purpose of being suited for a Queen. 

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