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We are proud to present our Allure collection is a luxurious bridal robe collection created for the brides looking for something sexy, glamorous and spectacular.

This brand new collection consist of 8 robes all designed to make brides embrace their inner confidence and feel amazing on their wedding morning.

All of our robes are custom made to order and will be delivered between 4 - 6 weeks

Starting Price GBP £210-£400 USD ($290-$550)


This jaw dropping robe, arrives as one-piece with elaborate detailing, enriching the bridal experience. Its puffy sleeves and inner corset dress with gold embellished bust, draws attention to your womanly curves making you evolve into the Goddess you truly are. 

L 'amore

If its colour you want, this robes rich pink colouring adds to the warm feeling of love and happiness on your special day. Inspired by its sister robe Sade, its high slit, one shoulder ruffles and darling inner two-piece corset and skirt, strikingly compliments any skin tone and body type.


This is not your standard bridal robe. Its original short tulle tutu layered skirt, silk wrap over lay and dazzling shoulder embroidery allows you to show off gorgeous legs and stance with elegance, suitably complementing your refined confidence on your special day. 



A mystical looking piece with gorgeous bust and waist embellishment, including a corset that offers full body contouring. Along with tulle tutu and detachable skirt, it brings out your audacious side, perfect for your wedding morning and night. 


This timeless robe is aimed more for minimalist brides who enjoy and appreciates classic styles. The detailed lace embroidery covers your body generously whilst pleasingly showing your figure with its sensual backless feature. Alongside large puffy sleeves beaded embellishments around the waist and wrists, it adds to the classical glitz and glam all brides are looking for.

La ' Belle

This robe speaks, flamboyance and glamour with its eye-catching mesh turtle neck design and layered mesh detailing with a corset strapped back, amplifing your figure even more stunningly.  This classically design will ensure to make you stand out and dazzle everyone in your presences.


A truly stunning robe purposely created for our Muslim brides. The opaque silk material and mesh ruffles not only elegantly reflects the modesty of the bride but coupled with a long silk inner dress, headscarf and extra-long train it radiates pure glow and sophistication. 

A master piece inspired by its sister robe Nala, sharing its magnificent exaggerated ruffles but superbly different as this robe will define the moment a woman turns into bride. Its eye-catching nine mesh ruffles layers, internal corset and patterned stripes sleeve contours one’s body so eloquently. As the robes long train glides graciously behind you it makes you look and be the queen you are. 

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