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Bella Naija Weddings posted us!

Over the years, the bridal robe has become a major part of bridal fashion. More and more brides are accepting and loving the bridal fashion trend and why not? Amazing photos in the bridal robe before the wedding dress is def something to drool over.

We’re completely loving this bridal robe collection by Lessandra’s Beauty. The robes in this collection show us why bridal robes are an integral part of bridal fashion. Each design, unique in its own way offers a refreshing style. Whilst bridal robes are now commonplace, your style doesn’t have to be! So, as you look forward to the grand day when you finally say those two beautiful words, “I do!”, you should totally check out this robe collection.

We’re certain there’s something for you in there. PS: All the robes are so beautiful, you just might save them all! 😅

Check out the post now -

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